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Canterbury Squads- Promotions, and the Bronze and Talent ID Squads Announced

As a result of their performances at the NZ Short Course Champs the following athletes have been promoted within the Canterbury Squads
Natasha Johnson-Promoted from Gold to Platinum
Gus Kelliher-Promoted from Gold to Platinum
Satori Dobbie-Promoted from Gold to Platinum
Katie McBride-Promoted from Silver to Gold
Lochie McKenzie-Promoted into Silver Squad
Evelyn Ponga-Promoted into Gold Squad

24 athletes have been selected for the Canterbury Bronze Squad, and a further 16 athletes from the Talent ID Squad have been selected to attend the 2017 Southland Champs.

The Bronze Squad memebrs are:
Zac Baker (Wharenui), Caitlin Close (Jasi), Ethan Taylor(Waitaha) , Courtney Elliot (Ashburton), Nathan Penrose (Vikings), Miki Tiltman (Selwyn), Taylor Chamberlain (Aquagym)Bridie Finch (Wharenui), Finn Manners (Waitaha), Aria Marsh (Nth Canterbury), Zach Knowles (Waitaha), Virginia Higgs (Nth Canterbury), William Tudgey (Swim Timaru), Sophie Moore (Waitaha), Dominic Coleman (Swim Timaru), Jade Vesty (Jasi)
Riley Stewart (Nth Canterbury), Olivia Wrathall (Jasi), Marshall Setu (Vikings), Natasha Frame (Wharenui), Jacob Webb (Nth Canterbury), Abbie Richardson (Jasi), Luka Foy (Swim Timaru)Arwen Kleinsmith (Swim Timaru)

The Talent ID Squad selected members are:
Daniel Bridgman (Wharenui), Hanna Abdou (Jasi), Hugo Wrathall (Jasi), Arowa Wilson (Wharenui), Conor McCullough (Wharenui), Hope Chmiel (Vikings), Oliver Heaton (Selwyn), Jenny Song (Wharenui), Ray Suzuki (Jasi), Isobel Sharp (Swim Timaru), Jack Boorer-Lilley (Swim Timaru), Cassie Taylor (Nth Canterbury), Xavier Lynch (Vikings), Maisy Perriam (Jasi), Max Gardiner (Wharenui), Lara Mars...h (Nth Canterbury)

Massive congratulations to you all on your achievements!!