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Metro Sports Facility Update

Metro Sports Facility Progress Update

November 2018

Since the last update March Menard JV has been busy setting up its stone column installation cranes on the site. This highly specialised equipment has been brought in from Germany, the UAE and Australia.

Extensive testing on the already installed stone columns has also been carried out. These tests have largely focussed on assessing the pressure and load the stone columns and the ground around them can withstand, with the aim of mitigating liquefaction risks or damage to the building from any future earthquakes. The data has been sent as far afield as Texas for analysis and the results have confirmed the 8000 columns will work as planned. This means activity on the site will be ramping up from next week. 

This work for the Metro Sports Facility is set to be one of the largest stone column projects undertaken in New Zealand and March Menard JV says the level of interest in the installation and testing process from the construction sector indicates it is likely to be of benefit to other projects with similar ground conditions in the future. 



Equipment Arriving 

Metro Sports Facility opens in late 2021, but some equipment for it is already starting to arrive. Christchurch City Council recently picked up two scoreboards, two backboards and two shot clocks for the facility's Show Courts.

Securing this equipment means basketball matches can now be hosted at Horncastle Arena until the Metro Sports Facility opens, including the Tall Blacks game on 29 November.


Did you know? 

The Metro Sports Facility will also feature around 1500m2 of leisure water area for the young and young at heart to enjoy. 

They play equipment and toys are being sourced from both local and international manufacturers in Canada, Australia and Christchurch to ensure the space appeals to a wide range of water-loving users, and will feature a seven-metre-tall water splash structure includes toys such as the Sneaky Spin Soaker, Carronade, Mega Soaker, Mist Stick, Tulip Sprays, Waterleaf and Funbrellla to name a few.