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Want to run your Club Champs as an unapproved meet? North Canterbury Swim Club did and it was.....easy!

On Sunday evening the North Canterbury Swim Club held their annual Club Champs night:

"There was a great turnout by the 73 club members who attended and there were some strongly contested races, with some big PBs and opportunities to swim new events and get a time.

Running the meet as an "Unapproved Meet" was easy!

The North Canterbury Swim Club followed the SCWC guidelines for Tier 3 meets, and fielded the required minimum number of Officials, as well as a full complement of timekeepers- everyone was allocated a job, with many parents having the chance to try a new job at the meet for the first time, including timekeeping, marshalling, or being a trainee IOT. Hopefully there will be a few new budding IOTs! Even timekeeping now seems less scary for some.

It was a great way for those new to swimming & their parents to get a taste of how a swim meet is run, in a relaxed atmosphere with less pressure.

In addition, it was great for the swimmers to compete in events they may not have raced before and gain unofficial times for future tier meets. All that was required was for the Swim Canterbury timekeeping equipment & computers to be transported and set up for the meet by a few experienced officials.

Holding these events as "Unapproved Meets" is great opportunity for all clubs to make their Club Champs or race nights a stepping stone for their athletes. North Canterbury are hoping that at their next race night they can use the equipment again to get swimmers to try harder events such as 400 free, 400 IM or 200 fly; events that the swimmers often find difficult to get entry times for.

All in all this was an excellent opportunity for parents and athletes to experience a great night of racing which generated times the swimmers can use in a relaxed atmosphere, and the enjoyment of the swimmers could be seen by the bonding and interaction on poolside."

Why not make your next Club Champs an opportunity for your swimmers to race for times they can use?

It's easy!