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Metro Sports Facility Update

Metro Sports Facility Progress Update

September 2019 

We're looking forward to seeing a series of concrete trucks arrive on site in the next few weeks to get our first major pour underway for the plant room foundation.

CPB is busy preparing the reinforcing steel cages ahead of the pour. Included in this sea of steel are the first hold down bolt assemblies, which are the bases for the columns that will hold up the 1000 seat poolside grandstand. 

The pools themselves sit to the east of the plant room and excavations in this area are nearing completion. The diggers are essentially working north to south so the dive well, at the Moorhouse Avenue end, will be the last area to be excavated. In total, around 24,000 cubic metres of material (enough to fill more than six competition pools) will be removed for the wet bar.  

Part of this excavation work has involved cutting through around 280 concrete piles that were part of the Canterbury Brewery building. These piles ranged from eight to fifteen metres in depth, so were too well embedded to be removed entirely, so what is left will remain under the Metro Sports Facility.

Work also continues to raise the western side of the site, where the nine indoor courts will be located, so the courts are level with the pool concourse. This will require around 3800 cubic metres of fill to achieve.

There has been plenty going on off-site as well. At UC San Diego a prototype of the buckling restrained braces (BRB) has been put through its paces by being subjected to a series of loads that simulate an earthquake. These braces will help the building retain its structural integrity in the event of future shakes. You can see some of the testing in this video.