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Metro Sports Facility Progress Update - June 2020

The first structural steel frames have now been erected for the the Metro Sports Facility's pool hall. At around 16-metres-tall, the frames give you the first taste of just how large the building is going to be. On the Antigua Street side of the frames you can see the first of the tiered supports for the the poolside grandstand seating, an important feature for bringing national aquatics events to Christchurch in the future. 

Around 3500 tonnes of steel will be required to build the Metro Sports Facility, so you can expect to see the the skyline continue to change over the coming months. 

The Otakaro team onsite became increasingly comfortable with the workplace distancing requirements and restrictions but they are still trying to assess the full impact of the COVID-19 response on the project. As indicated during the Alert Level 4 lockdown, construction will not be completed at the end of 2021 and as a result the opening will now be delayed. 

The varying border and distancing restrictions in place around the globe have an impact on productivity. As an example, the stainless steel pools are manufactured in Northern Italy. One of the pools is already in Christchurch, one is manufactured but could not be shipped and the others are still awaiting fabrication in the factory in Italy. The factory was completely closed during the lockdown in Italy and Otakaro are now awaiting confirmation of the manufacturing and shipping dates for the remaining pools as the factory is reopening. Once the new dates are known the contractor will need to review its programme and potentially make modifications to its construction sequencing to allow for the dates being different than originally intended. Planning for and implementing a change to such a fundamental part of the construction sequence will naturally add time to the construction process.  

Otakaro are acutely aware of the need a wide range of organisations have for information around dates, and while the timeline will naturally remain subject to any unforeseeable impacts of future outbreaks in countries that feed products into our supply chain, they will continue to keep us updated as best we can on when in 2022 construction will be completed.