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Annual General Meeting of Swimming Canterbury West Coast Inc

The Swimming Canterbury West Coast Annual General Meeting will be held on:


Wednesday 19th August  2020 at 7:30pm


To join the meeting, just click on the link below

Meeting ID: 872 3157 4503

Swimming Canterbury West Coast AGM Zoom Meeting Instructions:

  • Could all members attending please ensure their name is loaded to their Zoom profile prior to joining, to allow them to be easily identified for the Attendance Register. Anyone not displaying their name on the screen will be asked to provide this for the record.
  • If your name is displayed on screen, or once your name has been recorded, please set your audio to mute, and turn your video off to minimise background distractions for all members
  • If a vote is required, and you are voting for the motion, please leave your video off and your audio on mute, you will need to turn your camera on and  unmute to indicate your vote if it is against a motion- this will allow all members to indicate their vote without the danger of any member vote being missed or lost in traffic


The AGM will:

a.      consider the Board’s annual report

b.      consider the annual financial report

c.      consider the statement of accounts

d.      confirm who has been elected to the Board from the electronic election process

e.      consider any other business that is notified as an item of business under Clause 10.3.

  • 10.3 An item of business must be considered at an AGM if notified to Swimming CANTERBURY WEST COAST by the Board or by not less than one third of Member Clubs within seven days of notice of an AGM being given


The SCWC Board will be taking questions during and at the end of proceedings. If you wish to ask a question please indicate this by turning your video on.

A Draft copy of the 2019 SCWC AGM Minutes can be found here for your information. The Annual Report will be made available to all members via email and on the website, prior to the AGM.


Please Note- The presentation of the 2019/2020 SCWC Annual Service Awards will be made following the conclusion of the AGM, at which point we invite all award recipients to turn their video on so they may be acknowledged by those present.

Please feel free to contact the SCWC Administrator if you have any questions regarding the above.