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Metro Sports Facility Progress Update- December 2020

Metro Sports Facility Progress Update

December 2020 

Much progress has been made since the start of the year, despite the best efforts of a global pandemic.

The main areas of the facility are now clearly visible with the spaces for the nine courts on the left and the competition and leisure water pools on the right. In the middle is where you will find the main entrances and the likes of Sports House, fitness spaces and movement studios. 

The first of the 13.5-metre-long skylight frames has been installed over the competition pool area. There will be three of these skylights over the pools, configured in a way that doesn't let the sun beam directly down onto the water but still provides the cost and environmental benefits that come from utilising natural light.

Further to the south, in the dive well, reinforcing is being prepared for the first of the large concrete pours later this month. A lighter crew will continue to work on the site during the holidays in preparation for another substantial concrete pour early in the new year. 

Over in the show court space the first of the window frames are being installed along with the first of the roof linings. This space will also be able to make use of natural light when appropriate, with blinds allowing the lighting to be fully customisable for top-level events.

Steel work will continue over the coming months to form the walls and roof for the community courts and leisure water areas.

The response to Covid-19 and a tight construction market have been disruptive for the Metro Sports Facility, and as a result we are now aiming to have construction completed towards the end of 2022. 

On the operational side of this project, Christchurch City Council is working with potential facility user groups to find out how they want to use the spaces that are available for booking. A key part of this was an expression of interest process that enabled groups from a range of disciplines to indicate when and how they’d like to possibly use these spaces.

The Council has also requested proposals from potential tenants for the allied health and wellness areas, café, and an operator for the performance movement spaces. Announcements about these will be made in 2021.


Did you know?

The first 63-tonne roof truss section lifted into place over the competition pool at the start of this month was the heaviest lift in the construction of any Anchor Project to date.

The previous best effort was a 58-tonne lift at the Bus Interchange and 50-tonne box truss lift at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre

The 43-metre-long roof truss sections at the Metro Sports Facility each weigh the same as ten African elephants. Five sections will be needed to cover the competition pool and dive well.

What's unique about these lifts is that it takes two cranes working in tandem to manoeuvre some of the roof sections into place, within a tolerance of a few millimetres, as you can see in this video. The weather conditions need to be near perfect to move what is close to a steel sail, as safety is a top priority.