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SCWC Constitution, Code of Ethics and Policies

Artwork by Alice Cheersmith QEII Swimming Club 


Regional Constitution

Addendum to the Constitution

Strategic Plan

Advisory Committees Policy

Financial Management Policy



Job Description


SCWC Club Internal Audit Questionnaire


All Clubs are required to report any incident occurring at a swim meet, which results in First Aid being administered. This applies to all SCWC Club and Regional meets and any incident involving an SCWC member at any meet nationwide. You can find a form to complete below. Once completed this form must be forwarded to SCWC as soon as possible after the incident occured.

Meet Incident Report


Swimming New Zealand have adopted Swimming Australia’s guidelines around safe pool depths for diving.

Safe Pool Depth for Diving


Our Code of Ethics and Values is an important document which outlines the rights and responsibilities of all our members in the varied roles they play in delivering and participating in swimming in the Canterbury West Coast region.  The purpose is to ensure that everyone involved in swimming in the region, be they swimmers, parents/guardians, coaches, technical officials, team managers, committee members or volunteers, have a positive experience through their involvement in swimming.

Code of Ethics and Values


Swimming Canterbury West Coast (SCWC) has adopted and abides by the Swimming New Zealand
(SNZ) member protection policy.
The SNZ member protection policy outlines to swimmers, parents, caregivers, volunteers, supporters
and others their obligations to prevent and address discrimination, harassment and any other form of
inappropriate behaviour and to protect members from harm and abuse. You can read this here.

SCWC is committed to assisting our sport to continuously work towards maintaining ethical and
informed decision making and responsible behaviours that promote inclusive, safe and fair sport.
The SCWC member protection policy which you can read here, stands alongside the SNZ member protection policy. Both policies apply to everyone involved in this region’s swimming activities whether they are in a paid,
unpaid or voluntary capacity and this includes swimmers and spectators. 

If disputes arise that cannot be resolved at a Club or Regional level, Swimming Canterbury West Coast has adopted SNZ’s Disputes & Disciplinary Policy to assist with dispute resolution.  That policy is available on the Swimming New Zealand website here.


In order to ensure the ongoing safety of our young athletes, Swimming Canterbury West Coast requires all member Clubs to undertake Police Vetting for any of its members either Coaching or Team Managing, who are responsible for the health and safety of your Club’s swimmers, at both local and away meets or camps.

Please read the full Police Vetting Policy here.

Further information including a "How To" guide can be found on our Police Vetting page.


The Swimming Canterbury West Coast Board, in consultation with the Canterbury Coaches Group, and in the interests of athlete development and retention, are institutins the SCWC Technical/Performance Race Suit Policy.

The policy will limit the use of Technical/Performance Race Suits by all competitors 12 years of age and under, at all SCWC sanctioned events- this includes all Club and Regional meets held within the SCWC Region.

A Technical Swim Suit is one that has bonded seams, kinetic tape or meshed seams. From the 1st January 2019 only swim suits that have all stitched seams will be permitted to be worn by swimmers aged 12 years and under at any SCWC sanctioned event.

Read the policy here.