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Events Coming Up

 11 May  SCWC Relay Championships, SC, Rolleston  Webpage 
 18-19 May  Ashburton Splash Meet, SC, Ashburton  Meet Flyer- Amended TM File  Seating Plan  Individual Entry List  Relay Entry List  Psych sheets- amended  Timeline  Officials List
1-2 June  2019 Neptune Queen's Birthday Meet  Webpage
 9 June  SCWC Carnival, SC, Jellie Park  Meet Flyer  TM File  Psych Sheets  Meet Programme  Officials List
 17 June  NZ Open Championships, LC, Auckland  Webpage
 22-23 June  XLR8 Meet, SC, Jellie Park  Webpage
 4-7 July  Wharenui Winter Olympics 2019  Webpage
 19-21 July  SCWC Short Course Championships, SC, Jellie Park  Webpage
 3-4 Aug  Timaru Winter Open Tier Meet , SC, Timaru  Meet Flyer  TM File
 10-11 Aug  Vikings Battle of the Ages Tier 2 Meet, SC, Jellie Park