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Police Vetting For Clubs

It is a REQUIREMENT of the Swimming New Zealand Member Protection Policy, that all people working with children, including Coaches and Team Managers be screened or vetted:


10.1. Screening and Vetting Requirements

Child abusers often seek to work with children.  Robust and consistent screening and vetting will help you assess whether people are suitable to work with children.  As the new legislation comes into effect, screening and vetting processes will become mandatory for government funded contractors working with children.  Therefore, this is not just a Swimming New Zealand requirement; it may be a legal requirement. 

The following outlines the Screening and Vetting processes for paid or unpaid employment of coaches and, the appointment of team managers for away meets.

Swimming New Zealand, Regional Associations and Member Clubs are required to:  

·         Carry out an Identity Verification – this is where proof is required for people to verify who they say they are, including previous identities

·         Check a person’s referees (verbal or written) about his/her suitability for the role

·         If there is any uncertainty as to suitability arising from the checking, check with the Child Protection Advisor if the person is suitable to work with children (they will only be allowed to provide a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as they are bound by Privacy Laws in regards to discussing further detail)

·         Obtain a signed consent form from the applicant for a check of Justice records

·         Undertake the check of Justice records

·         Make an assessment as to whether the person may be unsuitable to work with people under the age of 18 years if the person doesn’t agree to a records check after explaining why it is a requirement of our policy.  If unsatisfied, do not appoint them

·         This information should be updated and reassessed every three years

·         Protect the privacy of the person who is checked and maintain confidentiality of any information obtained through the checking process

·         Return all information or paperwork to the person if they are not appointed. 

Those who have conviction(s) for child sex offences or violent crimes against children are not permitted to work with children affiliated to Swimming New Zealand. 

Note: Clubs may be required to provide written assurances to their Regional Association and Swimming New Zealand that they have carried out the Screening and Vetting processes for those acting as coaches or team managers at away meets conducted by Regional Associations or Swimming New Zealand.   

There are two types of vetting, police or justice.  Police vetting results may include any information held by New Zealand Police whereas a Ministry of Justice criminal record check will only contain conviction history. Information about Police Vetting and what it covers can be found here:

All NZSCAT Registered Coaches are Police vetted as a part of the registration process.


In order to ensure the ongoing safety of our young athletes, and in line with the above, Swimming Canterbury West Coast henceforth requires all member Clubs to undertake Police Vetting for any of its members either Coaching or Team Managing, who are responsible for the health and safety of your Club’s swimmers, at both local and away meets or camps.

 You can read the SCWC Police Vetting Policy here


This process will require each Club to register as an agency with the NZ Police Vetting Service. This can be done here: . This process will require Club’s to assign the vetting duty to one of its Committee member, who will need to obtain a RealMe login to begin the process. This person should then be responsible for all actions required to complete the vetting process to ensure that any and all information is kept private and confidential.


Below is a step by step guide to the process Clubs must follow:


1.       Select a person to be the Club vetting officer (understands privacy and confidentiality)

2.       Register as a RealMe user

3.       Submit application to register as a vetting agency

4.       Once approved, access the vetting website

5.       Complete vetting forms for each team manager

6.       Upload forms for vetting (results can take 15-20 working days)

7.       Review vetting results and decide whether person/s can act as a TM or not

8.       Ensure person is a member on the SNZ Database, or load their details to the database

9.       Load the date and “Police Vetted” (if the result of vetting is acceptable), as a Comment on the “Correspondence” tab of the member’s page

10.     Retain a copy of the Vetting result as Clubs may be required to provide written assurances to their Regional Association and Swimming New Zealand that they have carried out the Screening and Vetting processes for those acting as coaches or team managers

11.     Members working with swimmers must be vetted ANNUALLY (Step 9 will allow you to quickly review when a member was last vetted)


Please be aware that the Vetting Process can take a minimum 15-20 days to complete, so Clubs will need to have gained the required signed documentation for permission to vet well in advance of the event the Team Manager is required for. 

It is the responsibility of each SCWC Club to ensure that ALL of their TEAM MANAGERS and COACHES are police vetted- remember that only Coaches who are members of NZSCTA are automatically vetted as part of their annual membership, Volunteer Coaches are to be vetted by their CLubs

The SCWC Board require all Clubs to be adhering to this process by December 2018, with ALL SCWC Team Managers and Coaches working with swimmers after the 1st January 2019  police vettedl